Michel Audiard / Georges Simenon

Three screenplays presented and edited by Benoît Denis


A newly published book, issued on the occasion of Michel Audiard’s centenary as part of the Lumière Institute/Actes Sud collection, in collaboration with Jacques and Stéphane Audiard.

In bookstores on October 12.

Miche Audiard Georges Simenon Couv

Series directed by Thierry Frémaux and Bertrand Tavernier

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Michel Audiard / Georges Simenon
Blood to the Head, Maigret Sets a Trap/Inspector Maigret and The President

Screenplays presented and edited by Benoît Denis
in the Lumière Institute/Actes Sud collection
Afterword by Bertrand Tavernier
In bookstores on October 12th, 2020


Format: 14.5 x 24 cm
932 pages
Suggested price: 32€



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