Invitation to Albert Dupontel

Actor, director and screenwriter Albert Dupontel deploys his talent with a very particular mastery of the absurd and the grotesque. As an actor, he plays his roles with singularity; as a director, he sets out to create a whole plethora of characters, each more delectable and complex than the next, from Bernie to See You Up There to 9-Month Stretch. This year marks the release of his new film, Bye Bye Morons.


Master class
Meet Albert Dupontel
Comédie Odéon Fri.16 11 am


Bernie by Albert Dupontel (1996, 1h25)
When he leaves the orphanage, Bernie Noël, 30, has only one goal: to find his origins. This neurotic man thus embarks on a path strewn with pitfalls, disconnected from the real world… A biting comedy.
Lumière Institute Fri.16 3 pm

Bye Bye Morons by Albert Dupontel (Adieu les cons, 2020, 1h27)
When Suze Trappet learns at 43 that she is sick, she decides to leave in search of the child that she was forced to give up when she was 15… A caustic comedy with Virginie Efira, Albert Dupontel and Nicolas Marié.
Pathé Bellecour Thu.15 8:45 pm | Pathé Bellecour Thu.15 9:30 pm

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